• USCG Facilities and Professional Support

  • HGS provides security, facility, and project management support and planning to the USCG Headquarters (USCGHQ) as well as other components of the Base Support Services. We support facilities management and all security functions to include staff actions plans/reports and coordination within USCG and with external entities. The HGS staff conducts analysis on plans, policies, procedures, resources, and requirements related to security functions and create and maintain USCG SOPs. 

    HGS personnel are responsible for escort and control access to USCG facilities during working business hours, screening visitors and maintaining secure controls at access points. Our onsite personnel create security badges and Common Access Cards (CAC) for all authorized personnel, show new or unfamiliar personnel the way around the St. Elizabeth’s building, and check in and out of large packages shipped to Base NCR and all other directorates within USCGHQ.