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  • At HGS, we are passionate about helping each of our clients become a high-performing organization. Our high-impact training engages today’s visual and digital learners, who prefer to process pictures, sounds, and video rather than text. Drawing on adult learning theory and performance-based training principles, HGS creates live, virtual, and blended learning that is engaging and addresses different levels of student proficiency. Our targeted human capital solutions address today’s most pressing issues through “people-focused” consulting services and data analytics.

  • What We Do

    We design eLearning courseware and immersive virtual training to challenge and to closely approximate complex real-life situations where students must think critically. Our digital artists create, modify and deploy interactive 3D modeling and simulation solutions that help personnel rapidly attain required skills. We craft blended learning solutions to accommodate varying learning styles and support the 70:20:10 learning framework for experiential, social and formal learning.

    HGS human capital consultants work closely with clients to formulate competency models, create organization-wide career pathing plans, and deliver cost-effective change management and performance strategies that develop the organization, its teams, and its individuals.

  • How We Do It

    For training solutions, our goal is to bring learning as close to the performance of the work as possible. We supplement traditional courseware with micro learning modules and performance support tools. We design training using the industry-recognized instructional systems design (ADDIE) methodology. This model is coupled with our understanding of human performance principles and innovative technology applications, and our proven processes to ensure quality and measurable outcomes. We also adhere to Government and industry proven ADL SCORM® and Section 508 standards.

    For Human Capital solutions, HGS stresses analytic rigor – from workforce analytics and econometric analysis to assess the likely impact of changes, to modeling and simulation tools to model resource requirements and constraints. This helps our consultants make data-informed recommendations and provides a foundation for assessing program implementation and results.

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