• OSD Cyber Operations Course

  • HGS led design and delivery of a pilot Cyber Operations Course (COC) designed to take a college graduate with a technical degree through a rigorous and interactive 6-month course of instruction, graduating a cyberspace engineer with the proficiency and aptitude to attend the DoD’s advanced cyberspace courses. Serving as Prime Contractor, HGS coordinated design of the COC using a new experiential learning model based on inquiry-based learning.

    The resulting COC was a rigorous, interactive course of instruction that blended both hard and soft sciences using classroom, virtual lab and electronic learning formats. COC students developed critical thinking and problem solving skills while simultaneously developing their cyber operator abilities focusing on tradecraft and underlying theories. Skill development culminated in a series of real world scenarios to simulate offensive and defensive cyber operations. This foundational course provided the leveling and basic skills needed as a requisite for advanced cyberspace courses, along with advanced hands-on testing at the conclusion of the course.