• Kaleidoscope Business Intelligence Toolkit

  • HGS supports this contract as part of OUSD’s Acquisition Visibility (AV) initiative to expand acquisition visibility for major weapons systems and expeditionary operations. We provided program management support for all tasks in this “Kaleidoscope” (Kscope) program, as well as computer systems/operations support and software development, to reduce architectural complexity for ARA systems and supporting toolsets.  Kscope pulls authoritative acquisition-related data from multiple DoD IT data sources and makes it available across DoD Management, providing visibility and actionable intelligence.

    HGS technical personnel work daily with functional and data teams to keep the AV systems rulesets and intelligence data up to date. We provide timely analyses to Kscope’s AV infrastructure teams on data integration, quality, process, business rules, logic, Web services, performance, calculation, and error messaging. As a result of HGS efforts on Kaleidoscope, our client has been provided improved Acquisition Visibility and business intelligence, resulting in improved decision making across OUSD stakeholders.