• About Our Name

  • Hickory Ground Solutions, LLC, is very proud of our name and the Native American heritage that it represents. Hickory Ground, known as "Oce Vpofv" in the Muscogee language, was the last capital of the National Council of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, prior to forced removal to Indian Territory in the 1830s. Our Founder and CEO, Bart Morrison, is directly descended through his Great Grandmother from the Coweta tribal town in Oklahoma, one of four “mother towns” established after the Creek Nation settled in Oklahoma.

    Located outside of Wetumpka, Alabama, near Birmingham, this sacred place includes a ceremonial ground, a tribal burial ground, and individual graves. A new Hickory Ground was founded near Henryetta, Oklahoma after the Creek Nation’s removal there in the 1830s. Our company name reminds us of the importance of honoring our heritage, and the benefits to be gained from a shared history that simultaneously embraces the past, present, and future. The HGS modernized turtle shell logo embodies this, as these shells have been used since early times as an integral part of Muscogee traditional ceremonies.