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Hickory Ground Solutions, LLC delivers managed and professional services to achieve smart solutions for your organization. Our experts don’t just provide results—we provide results that matter!

Hickory Ground Solutions, LLC has experience working with diverse clients across the United States and throughout the world. Our experienced, dedicated staff has years of experience working with public and private sector organizations. We address critical needs of organizations in four key areas:

Organizational Alignment

Organizational success depends on process and operational efficiency. Success demands efficient and well-defined end-to-end data driven operational processes aligned to the mission. Our experts have the knowledge to help organizations create clearly defined processes that cross the traditional functional stovepipes to fully align all organizational efforts toward mission success.

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Business Intelligence

Rapid and accurate data collection, management, analysis, and distribution enables businesses to use data effectively. We provide relevant and easily consumed information derived through analytics to help organizations best use data.

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Simulation and Training

Today’s workforce must be equipped and prepared for optimal mission performance. We offer highly targeted training methodology to build the optimal workforce for the mission. Our tailored blended training enables a high-performing workforce.

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Cyber Security

Today’s modern world demands we protect our data and systems that are so critical to success. Our experts understand that the protection of critical information and intelligence assets is vital to organizational success. Our cyber security experts will help you protect data and systems.

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Investment in these operational elements yields a dramatic return on investment in any organization. Staff at Hickory Ground Solutions, LLC are experienced, dedicated, and prepared to help your organization address critical areas. From economic development missions in the United States and abroad to Department of Defense expeditionary acquisition operations, our efforts have helped organizations achieve lasting success.